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miWisdom today… Learning and mastering a single process, task or skill can take time and a lot of concentrated effort. This is why it is so easy for us to doubt our own abilities when we have very little experience in a specific area. Some “things” naturally take a little more time to master than others, and this is where the problems lie.

Many of us see these “things” that we need to learn as big challenges that seem rather overwhelming and daunting. Yet, little do we realise that the only difference between a person who has mastered a skill or understood a process comes down to 2 common and critical factors:

  • Knowledge and
  • Experience

We acquire knowledge by seeking out information that we want to understand and potentially put into practice. And we acquire experience by applying that information in a practical and measurable way.

In essence, what stops people from moving forward in life simply comes down to either a lack of knowledge or experience, or a lack of both. Isn’t it true, that if we knew what to do and we already had the necessary experience behind us, that there would potentially be nothing stopping us from moving forward in this area of our lives?

Acquiring knowledge and experience is all one needs to increase one’s level of confidence and proficiency in a particular area. Begin step-by-step without overwhelming your comfort zone at first, and slowly but surely stretch yourself as you progress into the future. Focus primarily on acquiring a balance of knowledge and experience each day. Over time this will allow you to create momentum and move forward at a consistent pace.

Too much knowledge and too little experience will create a pleasant intellectual comfort zone, which will prevent you from moving forward. While on the other-hand, too much experience and not enough knowledge will result in many mistakes and frustrations, therefore leading to many setbacks and potential losses in time, energy and money.

If you find yourself stuck and procrastinating within a specific niche area of your life, than find the time to ask yourself the following questions which may help you gain some clarity:

  • What is really stopping me from moving forward in this area of my life?
  • Is it my lack of knowledge, experience, or is it both that are preventing me from moving forward?
  • Where is it that I lack knowledge and understanding?
  • How can I best acquire this knowledge and understanding?
  • Where is it that I lack first hand experience?
  • How can I go about acquiring this first hand experience? Can I apprentice to someone?
  • What small steps can I take today to acquire some further knowledge and understanding in this area?
  • What small steps can I take today to gain a little first hand experience in this area?

If you have a similar learning experience or would like to add to the list of questions, you may do so by commenting below.


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