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Reaper 1miWisdom today… “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” James Dean was no doubt onto something very special indeed when he said this now famous quote.  However, how many of us can truly say that we live with this type of awareness and understanding?

Children Dream as if they were to Live Forever

When we are children we tend to “Dream as if we’ll live forever”. I child has no boundaries and in many ways they haven’t as yet developed a strong concept of reality, life or death. All they know is that they live, and that because of this fact, anything is possible. And so they dream, yes they dream as if they were to live forever; and this is indeed what brings much happiness and joy into their daily existence. They have a deep seated understanding that life is meant to be lived as a dream on a deeply profound level. They understand that life is meant to be filled with passion, with enthusiasm, with creativity and with a spiritual abundance that all dreams can and will come to fruition. Yes kids are quite ignorant of reality, aren’t they?

The Dream Reapers will Cut Dreams Away

The world is a dangerous place, and the moment you begin to dream, you can be certain that someone will be there to set you right back in your place. Yes, the world is full of Dream Reapers who will take your dreams away from you if you give them half a chance. That kids don’t understand this, is not their fault. They are simply unaware of the Dream Reapers that hide around every corner waiting to sabotage their deepest passions. The most frightening thing is that the Dream Reapers are US! Yes, that’s right, WE unknowingly harm the younger generations by helping them to become realists and pessimists. We also show our support by helping them to think practically about their dreams, goals, visions and passions.

I’m afraid to say that many dreams are not and have not been practical, and yet they are being brought forth into our reality by someone each and every day.

Bringing the Impossible Dream into Physical Reality

  • Didn’t a high school teacher inform Einstein that he had a learning disability? If Einstein had taken this to heart, what on earth would he have achieved?
  • Didn’t Sylvester Stallone get rejected by dozens of managers who told him that he couldn’t act? Did he let this stop him from achieving his dreams?
  • Didn’t Kernel Sanders receive over 1,000 No’s before receiving a single Yes for his homemade chicken recipe? His persistence resulted in KFC.
  • Didn’t Thomas Edison receive criticism for his ongoing efforts in the development of the light-bulb? If he had listened to them, would you be enjoying light today?

Examples are abound, yet the most important lesson that can be learned from all the above cases is that we should never doubt another person’s dreams, especially when it comes to children. On top of this we should never doubt or deny our own dreams. Only you, that’s right only you have the right to say whether or not you can bring your dreams into reality. So start thinking like a kid and “Dream as if you’ll live forever”.

As a side note, Kernel Sanders only began his journey towards his dreams as a senior citizen. I suppose he thought he would live forever?

If you smiled a little at the last statement, that’s fine. However, I was reading an article not too long ago in a science journal that brought to light a number of scientific studies that are on the frontier of breaking boundaries in terms of human longevity. It was predicted that within the next 25 to 50 years the average human lifespan would be extended to well over 100 years in 1st world countries. The 50 years that followed, would see human life extended to over 300. After that science predicts that a few more breakthroughs in unlocking the genetic code may extend human life indefinitely.

I hope that this awareness can open your mind that “forever” is a lot closer than you might imagine.

Live as if you’ll die today

It seems that the older we get, the more profoundly we begin to live by this statement. The only difference is, is that for most people they also live with the thought  of regret that keeps buzzing around their head like an annoying fly that just won’t go away. Yes, that Buzz of regret is difficult to swallow, isn’t it? However, it is ironic to think that the only reason we have regrets in the first place is because we DON’T live as if we’ll die today our entire lifetimes. We only seem to work it out when it’s too late to do the things that would make life really worth living.

By “living as if you’ll die today” doesn’t mean crying and feeling sorry for yourself, it rather means going out into the world, doing the things you have been delaying, saying the things you haven’t been saying, and experiencing the life you haven’t been living. I suppose that this is the formula for swatting away that annoying Buzz that tends to build up over a lifetime of regrets.

So don’t wait another moment, and “Dream as if you’ll live forever, while living as if you’ll die today”.

Transformational Questions

To keep you on track with this way of thinking, you might find it helpful to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What dreams did I have as a child that the Dream Reapers took away? How can I reignite these dreams and passions once again?
  • Based on the scientific research, if I was to actually live forever, what dreams would I start to pursue today, this week, next month, next year?
  • What small dream could I pursue today that I could bring to fruition in very quick succession?
  • If I was to die later today, what would I do now that would bring me great joy and pleasure in the moment?
  • If I was to die later today, what would I say to the ones I love about my feelings towards them?
  • How would my life change from this moment on if “I dreamed as if I’d live forever, and lived as if I’d die today”?

If you have a similar learning experience or would like to add to the list of questions, you may do so by commenting below.


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