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miWisdom today… The most honorable way to assist people in need is to do so in an indirect manner without alluding them to the fact that you were the one who helped them in their time of need. This comes down to the principle of giving without having any expectations of receiving.

People are strange creatures indeed. They seek help from others, however they feel guilty about asking for it. This tendency to shy away from receiving assistance from others comes down to the fact that these people simply don’t want to feel as though they owe something to someone. They also don’t want to show others that they may be inadequate, weak or incapable of not being able to help themselves. These forms of resistance and avoidance create much unhappiness and anguish for many as they go about their daily lives.

By being observant of other people’s needs, and later assisting them when they require it most in an indirect and covert manner, will not only bring a vast array of riches into their life, but also into yours.

The greatest pleasure and satisfaction in life comes from seeing others happy, from watching others fulfilling and living out their dreams. It has been said over the ages that what you sow you will reap, and that what you give to others will come back to you ten-fold.

When you show the Universe that you are willing to give to others without acknowledgement or expectation of anything in return, it not only brings into your life great powers of attraction, but also frees the other person from feeling inferiour or from any obligations they may have to you if they knew where this assistance came from. This indeed is the ultimate gift and the greatest treasure that you can give both to yourself and to others.

  • What is it that this person is lacking in their life that they dearly need? (not “want” but rather need”)
  • What challenges is this person facing? What are they struggling with most in life?
  • What one thing would make the biggest difference in this person’s life today?
  • How can I assist them indirectly and help them to fulfil this need?

If you have a similar learning experience or would like to add to the list of questions, you may do so by commenting below.


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miWisdom today… The more of yourself, your time and energy you give to others, the greater their emotional commitment will be towards you, and essentially the more they will do for you at your time of need.

  • In what ways can I contribute my time, energy and love to others today?

If you have a similar learning experience or would like to add to the list of questions, you may do so by commenting below.

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