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miWisdom today… People inject physical things with their emotions. Later when these physical things reappear in their life they re-inject these same emotions back into themselves. Our reliance on physical objects to make us feel certain emotions is undeniable and very dangerous. When these objects are around us we feel great, however if they ever leave us, our empowering emotions leave along with them. Objects have no intrinsic emotional value, it is all an illusion of the mind, a magic trick of sorts, and we all have the power to control this illusion whether this physical object is within our possession or not.

  • What physical objects bring about positive and empowering emotions for me?
  • How would I feel if these objects were no longer in my life?
  • Do I understand that I gave these objects these illusory emotions?
  • Do I understand that I can give any object in my possession these same illusory emotions, therefore transforming my state in an instance?
  • Do I understand that I can feel these emotions freely at any time without any physical objects, because my emotions come only from within?

If you have a similar learning experience or would like to add to the list of questions, you may do so by commenting below.


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