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For about a decade after leaving High School I have been dabbling my hands and feet into a number of businesses and opportunities. Some have shown a lot of promise over the years while others struggled to reap significant rewards for the time and energy that was put into them. However, no matter where my energies and efforts were directed, I always came back to the foundations of building and growing myself through personal development tools that helped me to remain focused and centred in the direction of my goals, visions and dreams. As a result of these ongoing interests I found some time in my schedule to gain a Life Coaching Accreditation which allowed me to further my understanding of human behaviour and the self-limiting beliefs that stop so many of us from obtaining our ultimate objectives in life. I hope that through my work within the blogging community I can share what knowledge I have gained with others in a simple and straightforward manner that is both understandable and easily implemented in the physical world. Finally, I hope to develop and grow relationships with likeminded individuals who seek inspiration and a better quality of life for all.

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